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Medical Transportation

Basic Life Support Transports

Basic Life Support (BLS) provides life-saving interventions such as advanced first aid, CPR, basic airway management, oxygen therapy, administration of basic medications and more. These units are staffed by two certified EMTs and are tailored to the patient’s condition and specific needs to ensure a safe, medically supervised transport.

Advanced Life Support Transports

Advanced Life Support (ALS) provides all the skills performed at the BLS level in addition to more advanced skills that require higher certified staff. ALS transports include in-depth patient assessments, cardiac monitoring and evaluation, advanced airway management, drug administration, and more. Our 24-hour ALS units feature a team of certified Paramedics and EMTs, and is equipped with the latest medical equipment.

Specialty & Critical Care Transport

Our Critical Care Transport units offer specialized care for patients who require additional medical expertise. These specialty units are equipped to function as mobile intensive care units and are important to ensure patients receive the proper care and monitoring during transport.

Wheelchair Van Services

Wheelchair transports are for individuals who can still get around safely in a wheelchair and do not medically qualify for stretcher transportation. Our wheelchair vans are operated by team members who are trained to safely assist mobility-challenged individuals, have passed thorough background checks, and have demonstrated safe driving behavior. Wheelchair transports are not covered by most insurances and are an out-of-pocket expense for the patient.

Bariatric Transport

This specialty transport service requires a specially equipped ambulance that is modified to accommodate larger patients. We have several bariatric ambulances equipped with self-loading powered stretchers that are capable of safely handling up to 700 lbs.

9-1-1 Response

MedEx offers 9-1-1 back-up response to its franchised counties and local communities. High call volumes can be very demanding on most EMS systems and the need for additional assistance may arise. 24-hours-a-day, seven days-a-week, MedEx’s team of experienced healthcare professionals are ready to assist with the highest level of patient care. Our 9-1-1 back-up response helps ensure that an emergency need never goes unmet.

Other Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)

Interfacility Transportation

A large portion of our transports consist of hospital-to-hospital interfacility transfers for patients at the BLS and ALS level of care. Interfacility transfers are usually for patients who require a higher level of care or treatment that’s not available at the current medical facility. MedEx works closely with many local hospitals and healthcare systems to provide a reliable, on-time solution for these transfers.

Long-Distance Transportation

MedEx has transported patients to countless destinations throughout the United States. We go above and beyond to ensure that our patients are comfortable and well taken care of during our long-distance transports. We have a staff of highly trained personnel and state-of-the-art ground transport units that are well equipped to handle any medical need that could arise. A 24-hour notice is required before scheduling a long-distance transport to ensure adequate resources are available to accommodate the request. Most long-distance transports are not covered by insurance, unless the transport is to the closest appropriate medical facility.

Healthcare Facility Contracting

MedEx contracts with various kinds of healthcare facilities, such as: Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Hospitals, and more. We offer contracts to any organization that needs to utilize our services; although a contract is not required to access our services, it is preferred. With a contract agreement, we guarantee adequate staff and units to accommodate all of your ambulance and wheelchair needs. We will work diligently with your team to ensure your needs are met daily.

Special Services

MedEx offers various types of transport accommodations for any organization that needs to utilize our services. We provide transport to special events such as sporting events, graduations, family reunions, concerts, church events, etc. We also provide first aid and standby emergency ambulance services for special events of all sizes. From small group outings to large-scale sporting events, we provide trained staff and equipment to ensure your event is well covered. 

Other services include transportation to and from medical jets and organ transportation services. Our organ transportation service entails prompt and safe transportation of organs to the transplant facility or airport. Our team is always available to ensure that patients receive life-saving organs as quickly as possible, whenever and wherever they become available.